31 mars 2011

Beatrix: Rose

Alright! I got really bored with the belt, so instead of working with that I begun with the rose instead. It's quite relaxing actually, but I kinda feel like an old lady when I sit here with this embroidery... haha, but, whatever.

Speaking of embroidery. I'm not very skilled in this fine art, but I have nothing to fear. Google is my very best friend in this very difficult, and dangerous task ( needles can be dangerous when do things wrong! ). And also I have a hard time deciding if I should go for the more medieval look or just swing it as I want it to be :P
However, I'm almost finished with the "outline" of the rose. I'm redoing some of the parts right now, but I'm soon done. I have no idea if this is how you usually do it.. but I do it this way :P

One thing more, I know that her rose is rather black and red, but I thought that would look really ugly In-Real-Life so I chose this goldish look instead. It goes well with the rest of the coats colour palette. And she's an very awsome general that deserves more gold och shimmery things in her life. :D The generals of Alexandria deserves the very best embroidery that is!

26 mars 2011

Beatrix: Lining & Belt

It's such a pain in the ass this lining thing. I cut and sew the red fabric as a little bigger copy of the white coat. At the upper part of it, I've left a big part undone, so that I can turn everything insideout later on and make the lining tighter. Right now, It's still a little bit to big. If I make it tighter/smaller I believe it will move a lot more nicely.

Well, after a lot of work on the coat my motivation for if fell like into a very dark place in my heart :P . So, for not risking e going totally berserk an rip everything apart - I tried to work a little on Beatrxs belt instead. I found the belt in a second hand store. It is such a perfect match in shape but not in colour. The belt I found is waaay to lightbrown. Beatrix belt is mor darkbrown, so to solve this prblem, I bought a dakrbrown shoe cream, and I've applied about 6 six layers of it already. The only problem is that everything it thouch goes shitty-brown, even days afterwards - what should I do? :/