26 mars 2011

Beatrix: Lining & Belt

It's such a pain in the ass this lining thing. I cut and sew the red fabric as a little bigger copy of the white coat. At the upper part of it, I've left a big part undone, so that I can turn everything insideout later on and make the lining tighter. Right now, It's still a little bit to big. If I make it tighter/smaller I believe it will move a lot more nicely.

Well, after a lot of work on the coat my motivation for if fell like into a very dark place in my heart :P . So, for not risking e going totally berserk an rip everything apart - I tried to work a little on Beatrxs belt instead. I found the belt in a second hand store. It is such a perfect match in shape but not in colour. The belt I found is waaay to lightbrown. Beatrix belt is mor darkbrown, so to solve this prblem, I bought a dakrbrown shoe cream, and I've applied about 6 six layers of it already. The only problem is that everything it thouch goes shitty-brown, even days afterwards - what should I do? :/

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