29 maj 2011

I'm working my ass of right now so there's a lot too update you about XD 4 Days left until uppcon! D: Vote for me at cosplay sm here :3 I'm the one, Elvira, cosplaying Elly from xenogears!
Tip for the day: Coffée is good for you, don't let anyone make you believe anything else!

I've glued three supermagnets onto the coat, inside the lining, so their invisible. Moihoihoi :3 Why? Beacuase it's cool, that's why ;) No really, because it will look a lot better that in the belts is the one that pull the coat together. If I use the belts it might just rip upp all of the pleather, because it's so sensitive! So I need a combination.

The progress on the rose is going fine. The coat is almost finishsed (Yay!), it's only some small extra details that will make this coat shine above all other coats out there ;) I added a fake mocha strap so that the coat would have that medieval feeling to it, and make it look more leather-ish. It's also for make it more like the original where the "edge" is very big, and by adding this mocha strap like this I think I made the "edge" look, indeed, bigger.

What's left to do? Three belts and then it's don
e! Wohoo!
btw, I don't know wh
y the last picture on the coat got so yellow, tried to fix it in photoshop but I don't have a lot of time right now so I just gave up quite soon :P I'm not a photographer so what the heck..

So, since the coat and the rose is almost finished it's a good time to start working on the armor, wich is quite important to be done ine... 4 days from now >_< gosh.. Yeah, I started to make a cardboard pattern. Then I cut it out on wonderflex. Wonderflex is awsome, I highly recomend it! You can get it at cosplaysupplies.com!

These are some of the materials I' going to use for the making of the armor.

So I used the smoldering pen to punch holes in the wonderflex. The holes is for the rivets. Then I rolled the edges (not all edges, only the one that I wanted to roll) with help from the heatgun.

To form it smoot and nicely I used a band and a bottle. I want it to be as smooth as it ca. Then I heated the wonderflex little by little with the heatgun and let it cold down - and voila! The shape is almost perfect :D That's all for now! See ya tomorrow :) Now it's an alnighter with my cosplay.

24 maj 2011

Report nr 11

I did not have any glue tonight when I needed it for the first time. So today, I bought, along with some other stuff. I'm actually kind of broke, but I hade this giftcard with a lot of money on, for a shop called "Panduro", so I could buy these things anyways :D Yay!

I found this nice piece of wood in the garbage. I'll use it for making Beatrix sword :3 Yay, free stuff is awsome. ^_^

The progress is going fine, I worked all night long (until 5 o´clock in the morning) and the coat is almost finished (only 8-10 hours more I guess )

I love how it looks like right now :D

see you soon, more updates tomorrow.

22 maj 2011

Alright, so there's like 14 days left until the "grande finale´", the "presentation", the first appearance of my cosplay. The countdown is here, the clock is tickin' and I'm going nowhere XD haha, I really do try hard, But there's always something else much more important for me to do. Obligations. It's either work with my work work or with MeuwCon/M-kai or that my friends want to hang out with me. I know that I shouldn't complain about it, you priortize the things you find important in life and I guess cosplay is not number one anymore in mine :/

But even so, though the progress takes tiny nani steps, it's still going forwards! So, it's like this. I'm doing several things at the same time. Every little piece and bit have their own time. When I'm in the mood to relax or have to travel somwhere I work on the embroidery of the rose. When I have more time I work with larger pieces, like the coat. What I've done with the coat is that I've reinforced it. Yes, I've made the fabric "stronger". You remember my problem with it always tearing apart at the shoulders because of the weight. With some extra layers of some kind of special magic fabric with glue the problem is now solved :D

9 maj 2011

Cosplay SM

Rinoa Heartilly, Summer 2009.
Elly, Xenogears. Autumn 2008.

Alright! So I made into Cosplay SM... almost! The only thing left is that you vote for me! This wonderful compettion is really rising my fighting spirit! Wohoo! Cosplay :D

Vote for me here!

Alice In Wonderland

Hi there!

So while you're waiting for another "cosplay" update, I've done some other creative stuff together with Michel!

We hade this Alice in Wonderland inspired photoshoot the other day, and it turned out quite nice actually :)

Michel plotted the whole scenary while I'm the one responsible for the make-up. Here you go!
(oh, an please visit Michels photoblog, it's in swedish, but his photos talks for themselves :) )

7 apr. 2011

Kesenai Tsumi - Swedish

This has nothing to do with cosplay, but I wanted to show you my performance at "One For All - a benefit show for Japan". I translated the song Kesenai Tsumi from FMA to Swedish :) I hope that we suceeded in collecting as much money as possible for the catastrophe in Japan. Thank you Shila for helping me :)

31 mars 2011

Beatrix: Rose

Alright! I got really bored with the belt, so instead of working with that I begun with the rose instead. It's quite relaxing actually, but I kinda feel like an old lady when I sit here with this embroidery... haha, but, whatever.

Speaking of embroidery. I'm not very skilled in this fine art, but I have nothing to fear. Google is my very best friend in this very difficult, and dangerous task ( needles can be dangerous when do things wrong! ). And also I have a hard time deciding if I should go for the more medieval look or just swing it as I want it to be :P
However, I'm almost finished with the "outline" of the rose. I'm redoing some of the parts right now, but I'm soon done. I have no idea if this is how you usually do it.. but I do it this way :P

One thing more, I know that her rose is rather black and red, but I thought that would look really ugly In-Real-Life so I chose this goldish look instead. It goes well with the rest of the coats colour palette. And she's an very awsome general that deserves more gold och shimmery things in her life. :D The generals of Alexandria deserves the very best embroidery that is!

26 mars 2011

Beatrix: Lining & Belt

It's such a pain in the ass this lining thing. I cut and sew the red fabric as a little bigger copy of the white coat. At the upper part of it, I've left a big part undone, so that I can turn everything insideout later on and make the lining tighter. Right now, It's still a little bit to big. If I make it tighter/smaller I believe it will move a lot more nicely.

Well, after a lot of work on the coat my motivation for if fell like into a very dark place in my heart :P . So, for not risking e going totally berserk an rip everything apart - I tried to work a little on Beatrxs belt instead. I found the belt in a second hand store. It is such a perfect match in shape but not in colour. The belt I found is waaay to lightbrown. Beatrix belt is mor darkbrown, so to solve this prblem, I bought a dakrbrown shoe cream, and I've applied about 6 six layers of it already. The only problem is that everything it thouch goes shitty-brown, even days afterwards - what should I do? :/