29 maj 2011

I'm working my ass of right now so there's a lot too update you about XD 4 Days left until uppcon! D: Vote for me at cosplay sm here :3 I'm the one, Elvira, cosplaying Elly from xenogears!
Tip for the day: Coffée is good for you, don't let anyone make you believe anything else!

I've glued three supermagnets onto the coat, inside the lining, so their invisible. Moihoihoi :3 Why? Beacuase it's cool, that's why ;) No really, because it will look a lot better that in the belts is the one that pull the coat together. If I use the belts it might just rip upp all of the pleather, because it's so sensitive! So I need a combination.

The progress on the rose is going fine. The coat is almost finishsed (Yay!), it's only some small extra details that will make this coat shine above all other coats out there ;) I added a fake mocha strap so that the coat would have that medieval feeling to it, and make it look more leather-ish. It's also for make it more like the original where the "edge" is very big, and by adding this mocha strap like this I think I made the "edge" look, indeed, bigger.

What's left to do? Three belts and then it's don
e! Wohoo!
btw, I don't know wh
y the last picture on the coat got so yellow, tried to fix it in photoshop but I don't have a lot of time right now so I just gave up quite soon :P I'm not a photographer so what the heck..

So, since the coat and the rose is almost finished it's a good time to start working on the armor, wich is quite important to be done ine... 4 days from now >_< gosh.. Yeah, I started to make a cardboard pattern. Then I cut it out on wonderflex. Wonderflex is awsome, I highly recomend it! You can get it at cosplaysupplies.com!

These are some of the materials I' going to use for the making of the armor.

So I used the smoldering pen to punch holes in the wonderflex. The holes is for the rivets. Then I rolled the edges (not all edges, only the one that I wanted to roll) with help from the heatgun.

To form it smoot and nicely I used a band and a bottle. I want it to be as smooth as it ca. Then I heated the wonderflex little by little with the heatgun and let it cold down - and voila! The shape is almost perfect :D That's all for now! See ya tomorrow :) Now it's an alnighter with my cosplay.

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