22 maj 2011

Alright, so there's like 14 days left until the "grande finale´", the "presentation", the first appearance of my cosplay. The countdown is here, the clock is tickin' and I'm going nowhere XD haha, I really do try hard, But there's always something else much more important for me to do. Obligations. It's either work with my work work or with MeuwCon/M-kai or that my friends want to hang out with me. I know that I shouldn't complain about it, you priortize the things you find important in life and I guess cosplay is not number one anymore in mine :/

But even so, though the progress takes tiny nani steps, it's still going forwards! So, it's like this. I'm doing several things at the same time. Every little piece and bit have their own time. When I'm in the mood to relax or have to travel somwhere I work on the embroidery of the rose. When I have more time I work with larger pieces, like the coat. What I've done with the coat is that I've reinforced it. Yes, I've made the fabric "stronger". You remember my problem with it always tearing apart at the shoulders because of the weight. With some extra layers of some kind of special magic fabric with glue the problem is now solved :D

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