22 jan. 2010

Beatrix, part III

Hello you who reads this :)

I've actually made some progress on my cosplay, Beatrix! After "years" of courage gathering, I finally managed to cut the fabric. Yeah, all of you who have ever done a cosplay knows the feeling. That feeling that it might get wrong, that as long as you don't start cutting it will still be fine, that absolute horror to make a mistake. You know it, I know it, and you who never felt it should still know it! But now, finally, I got myself to do it. And the results? Well, hard to say right now, but I havn't stepped at any minefields yet! so far so good.

Before I begin to update you on the latest, I want to urge you to lift on the phone and do something for Haiti. What if it happened to you? We need more humanity in this world, We need to care more for our "brothers and sisters" all around and help eachother.

Okey, first things first. I never ever just swing it and cut wildly in the fabric without any plan or thoughts behind it. First I draw out a pattern on a thin big paper thingie I don't know the name of, you can find it in any store - let's call it "pattern paper". After that, I nail the pattern paper attached to eachother and try it out on myself. Watch the needles, they're really sharp! After that I'll nail the pattern onto the fabric. A tip is to nail the needles in a "horizontal" way or else you'll strecth the fabric and it will be much harder to sew it right. Another tip is to look carefully on wich way you want the fabric to fall before you attach the pattern on it. If you need it to be stretchy, don't forget to test the fabric in which way it stretch by rubbing/pull it in different directions.

So, after I attached the pattern, I cut it - 1 cm beside the pattern, the regular measurment for an allowance. And begun to sew! Right now I've cut and sewed/stitched (sp?) the left part of the coat, and I've cut out the right part. It Still needs some finishing touches like that I need to cut the length, right now it's draging beneath me - But I'll do that when I have the right shoes on! I released that Beatrix has pretty high heels, so I wanted to be sure by making the coat insanely long! I also stitched all the seems two times, one with regular seem and one zic-zac (? dunno if that's the right word in english..)

What's next? Well, I've to sew the right part together. After that I've to test it on myself and make some adjustments to make it follow my figure nicely, The I'll have to cut the shoulder part at the back and the shoulders to make it look more accurate. And then it's time for the lining!


Wordlist for you swedish readers:

courage= mod
allowance = sömnsmån
fabric = tyg
pattern paper = Mönster papper ?
nail/needle = Nål, i detta fall en synål med knopp på.
horizontal = Horisontal, är en riktning, denna riktning --------- inte |
Sp = Spelling, stavning. Sätts ofta i parantes efter ett ord man är osäker på hur det stavas.
high heels = Höga klackar
coat = Kappa
adjustments = förändringar
accurate = likt/exakt
lining = Fodring/Foder (det som finns i kappor och dylikt, inte foder som i mat.)


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