3 jan. 2010


The Cosplay so far
I'm, currently working on Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX. I've just started, so I havn't got that far yet. I've managed to make a pattern for the coat, and to buy som fabric. Unfortunately, the fabric where both in the wrong colour and too thick to move like I want. So, tomorrow the first thing after breakfast is getting to the fabric Shop, Tygverket in Stockholm, to buy thin fake leather (pleather?) for the coat. I found the fabric some month ago, but I wanted it thicker so I didn't buy it. I was totally wrong. So now I've already spent 40 dollars on fabric that is totally useless. *sight*
My plan
I have three month to get this ready for a convention in April called Uppcon. I've already got far with the sketching of how I'll make it. Right now I just have to.. well, making it :) So my schedule is this!

Januari: Coat and gloves finished.
Februari: Armour finished
Mars: Sword, boots and wig's ready. And hopefully the special effects for the sword too! (The special effects is secret right now.)

April: Training for the cameras ! And ofcourse, If I havn't got the whole costume ready for the convention, I still have some days to finish it all in April.

The Character (I'll try not to spoil to much of the game)
Beatrix is a Genereal of the Alexandrian army. (A city in the game) She's working directly for the Queen of Alexandria who doesn't seem that friendly. Beatrix are asigned some "evil" quests, and during some of these quests she meets up with the heros of the game. She seems to be one the bad guys in the game, and a powerfull one too. However, without telling too much, the plot has some twist in it and Beatrix will play another role than you first thought.

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