8 jan. 2010


Havn't made that much progress yet, but I felt urged to write something anyways so I thought I could bring up what I've done before I started the blog!

The first thing I did, before the fabrics, was to look around at a site called "Tradera.se". It's the same deal as ebay, just a swedish site for the same thing. I found lot's of interesting things I could use, but before I reveal what I actually bought I thought I could tell you something about the plan and why I wanted the stuff in the first place.

The corset
Since Beatrix wears a coat that seems to be tailor sewed after her body, I thought I could make use of a corset. But not only that! Beatrix belt defyies gravity as floating rock would, sooo therefor I hade to make up a plan how to make it "attach" to my hips. Here's where the corsette makes itself very useful. I thought to install two "hooks" in the corset, make two holes in the coat for the hooks to go through and install something at the innerside of the belt that goes on the hooks.

I think if the hooks are attached to the corset and not directly on the coat, I won't risk that the coat will get ripped nor that the fall and movement of the coat will be disturbed since no weight is put on the coats fabric.

However there is also a plan B! I might just decide to buy some strong magnets instead, but since I want to wear the sword in the belt, and that means weight - I'm not as fond of that idea.

Boobs of doom.
Have you noticed that Beatrix have one nice pair of boobs bouncing around like the girls in Soul Calibur III ? Well, my own arn't even near that big - which I'm pretty happy with, I like my own body it's not that! But, I always try to look as much as the characters I cosplay both in body and costume so how did I solve the body problem? I bought a pair of boobs ofcourse!

My natural womenly figure is an B-cup. Beatrix breasts are big, but I didn't want mine to get too big for my body. Did not want to ruin my proportions and make myself ugly and look like a failing plastic sergery case, so after testing some pairs at lingerie store, I decided to go for a C-cup. It looked really nice on my body, and to fill out the gap between my own breasts and the bra, I needed two pairs of silicons.

I bought one pair of wonderbra. Wonderbra is a silicon bra with glue on the backside that you put directly on you skin. I thought it could work nicely to make a beatuitful cleavage. After that I bought one pair of normal silicon breasts. The result? Excellent! :D

The wig
I've looked for the right colour several month! Mostly of my earlier wigs have all been bought at cosworx.com (I highly recomend this shop for you cosplayers out there!) But this time they didn't had the right color I wanted.

Beatrix hair color is hard to define. But I believe it's mix of brown, blonde in different shades. Most wigs were to dark, but I finally found a wig I wanted at Tradera! I'm very pleased with the result. The wig is a kanelekon fiber wig, and holds a high quality - and I got it really cheap!

The results
You might wonder how much all this costed? The bra, the two pair of fakes, the corsette and the wig only costed me: ~ 50 dollar. (about 500 SEK). I'm not totally sure exactly how much 'cuse it was some time ago I bought all this , but I believe it's fairly accurate.

If you want to buy things on the internet
Be patient, but not afraid! You can find really cool stuff for your cosplay if you have the guts :)

The photos
And I've finally learned not to use the flash when I take photos :) I was too lazy to put anything on myself, so the bra hangs loose and the corset too - but I hoped it could give you guys some idea of how it would looks like.

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