25 jan. 2010


I've made some progress on Beatrix. Last time I wrote I had just made the left part and had begun with the right. Now they are both finished and together as one. However it's still lot's of work to do before I can begin with the lining. As you see on the pictures, it does not follow my body perfectly - I've made it a little bit to big, so I have to sew the seems a bit tighter to my body. I've left some of the "backline/seem" open, later on it's supposed to split but not that much. However, I wanted to be sure, and it's better to leave it open than to sew it and then have to cut it up again, leaving ugly holes from the thread. This fabric is very sesitive about that, and the holse after the thread is very noticable if you have to cut the seems up again. So I have to be very carefull before doing anything - It's quit a hard fabric to work with, but it looks really nice!
This is how it looks like at the inside:

This is how it looks like on the left side (my left) It's far from complete, and I'm not near satisifed yet. But well, it's the progress I've done so far, and I believe it has the potential to look really nice. You can see that I havn't cut it in the right length yet and that have a influence on the fall ofcourse...

When I've done something too big, and the wrong side of the fabric won't be visible on the final product, I usually just take a pencil and draw beside the seem I want to alter. I can do it like two V:s meeting eacother, or I just follow the seem I just did but some cm beside. Like this:

Well, that's it for now. Tomorrow I'll try to to the changes and make it follow my body more nicely, and hopefully I'll get further than that, There's a good chance that I'll cut the shoulders more accuarate and hopefully I'll begin to work on the length of the coat. The plan is to make it float over ground so that I'll get a more accurate picture how the fabric moves before I do anything else.

Wish me good luck!

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  1. Hey, om du vill göra ett nytt försök på att plåta lite så hojta till om du har tid någonting igen. Cosplay-outfits eller annat skoj, jag är i Sthlm på vardagarna nu så. :D // kalaspuff, www.carloscar.se

  2. Det skulle vra jätte roligt :) Har nog inte så mycket tid just nu, men kanske efter uppcon?

    Mvh // Elvira